How to Prepare your Child for School

Getting Ready

Familiarise your child with St. Brigid’s and its surroundings.
Your child will need food for fruit breaks, playtime and lunchtime. As you pack their food please explain and show the difference between each meal.
Share reading experiences together. Read many books with your child and look at the pictures in books and make up your own stories.

A Sleep Routine

Establish a routine with a set bed time to ensure your child gets enough sleep.

Dressing for School

Look for easy fasteners when choosing shoes and other clothing.
Encourage your child to dress themselves so they can manage things like taking jumpers on and off at school and tying shoelaces independently.

Looking after Belongings

Label all your child’s belongings.
Show your child where these labels have been placed.
Note where lost property is held at the school.
Encourage your child to take care of their own belongings.