Blogs are a way for us to share our ideas and our learning with other people; including the parents of our school community.

Definition: Blog/WebLog: a web page containing brief, chronologically arranged items of information. A blog can take the form of a diary, journal, what’s new page, or links to other web sites.
Peter Scott, Internet Librarian 2001

At St. Brigid’s each grade has a collaborative class blog to maintain and update. Blogs provide a communication space that teachers use with the students to help enhance the curriculum by developing writing skills, sharing ideas, planning and reflecting on work that is completed in the classroom. Essentially they will be used as a way for parents and the wider community to see the learning that is happening at St. Brigid’s.

Teachers and students follow safety guidelines when blogging. Parents and other contributors are encouraged to contribute through comments. Please check the rules/guidelines before commenting so that cybersafety is is modelled correctly.


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