It is our belief that a sound mathematics program should include the following:

  • A wide variety of experiences in the early years. Children’s manipulation of concrete materials provides meaning upon which their mathematical ideas are built.
  • Recognition of the importance of drawing upon what students already know.
  •  A variety of practical classroom activities where children are encouraged to solve mathematical programs encountered in the real world.
  •  Time for concentrated practise of skills with opportunities to apply these skills.
  •  An appreciation of different learning rates.
  •  Opportunities for children to verbalise their understanding of mathematical experiences and concepts. Development of subject terminology through appropriate mathematical activities.

Extending Mathematical Understanding

Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU) is an early intervention program to assist mathematical learning.

This program Extending Mathematical Understanding results in accelerated mathematical learning and increased confidence for young ‘at risk’ students. A specialist teacher implements this daily intervention program, and children participate for between 10 and 20 weeks. This program is research based and aims to enhance children’s number learning, and prepare them to benefit fully from the regular classroom mathematics program.