Learning and Teaching

We are committed to ensuring success in the competencies of literacy and numeracy, as well as a knowledge and understanding of our ever changing world through inquiry learning from a Catholic world view, faith and life inquiry.

We see ourselves as a community of lifelong learners and provide an environment that is challenging, stimulating and fosters creativity

The units of work cover the content outlined by the Victorian Curriculum in a holistic way and are underpinned by an inquiry approach to the learning and teaching.

Units are clustered around four big concepts that cross many of the domains in the Standards. The focus goes from teaching topics to using topics to teach and access deeper, conceptual understanding.

Information And Communications Technology

Information and Communications Technology is an integral part of the learning and teaching process at St. Brigid’s, incorporating access to internet, email and network facilities. It is currently used across all year levels to enhance the learning and teaching in most learning areas.


At St. Brigid’s we have a music specialist with the students attending a lesson every week. Students in year three and four have the opportunity to undertake guitar lessons. In addition all students have the opportunity to join our School Choir. Music education at St. Brigid’s is very skill based but with a strong emphasis on developing a child’s confidence and creativity in expressing themselves through music.

Japanese – LOTE

St Brigid’s students learn Japanese from Foundation level. The LOTE Curriculum aims to develop knowledge and understanding of both the language and culture of Japan. We celebrate annually by holding a Japanese day where students are immersed in the Japanese culture.

Physical Education

Students have specialist Physical Education lessons weekly. Students are encouraged to develop basic skills of Physical Education that enable them to participate to the best of their ability in minor and major games.

Science & Sustainability

At St. Brigid’s we have a Science and Sustainability teacher.  Students have a Science and Sustainability lesson every week, these lessons aim to encouraged to develop their natural curiosity and are supported to discover answers to any questions. Students learn about biological, physical, chemical, earth and space sciences. Allowing our lessons to also incorporate our school garden, encourages connectedness to our world and nature. This experience can enhance the quality of experience and participation in life.