Student Wellbeing

In St. Brigid’s School community your child will experience a supportive environment where our dedicated, professional staff encourage each student to feel happy and confident in developing positive self esteem.

At St. Brigid’s we believe in the importance of effective wellbeing practices which lead us, as a school community, to promote positive relationships between all members. We endeavour to create a meaningful home/school relationship, whereby parents and staff work in partnership for the benefit of all the students.

At St. Brigid’s we value:

  • Respect for school rules
  • Consideration, respect and friendliness towards students, staff, parents and visitors
  • Responsibility for assigned duties
  • Respect for school equipment and property
  • Punctuality
  • Self discipline in class, the playground and while travelling to and from school.

St. Brigid’s Student Wellbeing Coordinator collaborates with teachers, parents and professionals to provide appropriate support for students with a range of special needs, including academic, social, emotional and behavioural/medical.