PAM – Parent Access Module

PAM is an attendance and reporting package that is used by the families at St Brigid’s.  It is where parents will be able to access their child’s school and NAPLAN reports, add your child’s absence and be notified every time your child visits our sickbay. PAM also has other advantages as it will also provide parents with real time updates on student attendance and detailed reporting to keep parents informed and engaged.

 Log into PAM via 

Some of the advantages of using PAM are as follows:

  • Download official school reports and NAPLAN results
  • Access school documents, calendars and messages
  • See Student Attendance
  • See your Child's Sickbay visits – we have previously been sending home sickbay notices from SIMON. Now you’ll be able to view your child’s sickbay visits online
  • Add Parent notified absences directly – no need to call or email the school, you can submit the absence straight through PAM
  • Add and update Medical information (will eventually be able to do this)
  • View Parent & Student Handbooks

Shortly after you start at St Brigid’s we will set you up in PAM so please keep an eye on your email, especially your spam folder.

If you have any problems accessing PAM please email the office and we will assist you.