School Fees

School Fees are a necessary part of the school’s funding structure, forming approximately 25% of the annual school recurrent budget.

The remainder of the school’s recurrent funding comes from both the State and Federal Governments. School fees are used to meet such expenses as power, heating, insurance, office expenses (i.e. telephone, supplies) and maintenance etc. Additional necessary equipment is purchased by local fundraising and parish support.

School fees incorporate all costs associated with your child’s education including booklist items, excursions and swimming lessons. Camps, if applicable are an additional expense. 

Our preferred method of payment is via direct debit, direct debits can be scheduled on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

2024 Fee Schedule

School Fee: $1640.00 per family
Capital Fee: $ 730.00 per family
Library/ICT Fee: $ 195.00 per family
Excursion Levy: $ 110.00 per child (F-2) / $115.00 (3-4) / $125.00 (5-6)
Swimming Levy: $ 135.00 per child
Booklist Levy: $ 160.00 per child
Curriculum Levy: $ 240.00 per child

School Fees total $2565.00 per family plus levies between $645.00 and $660.00 for each child and applicable camp costs (see below) 

One child attending: $3210.00 - $3225.00 Annually (equates to $61.73 - $62.02 per week) plus any applicable camp costs

Two children attending: $3855.00 - $3885.00 Annually (equates to $74.13 - $74.71 per week) plus applicable camp costs

Three children attending: $4500.00 - $4545.00 Annually (equates to $86.54 - $87.40 per week) plus applicable camp costs

Our 2024 Camp Structure is as follows: 

Students in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 will attend camp during the year, the costs are subject to change from year to year.  For the 2024 year, camp costs are as follows:

Year 5/6 Camp $390.00 per student

Year 3/4 Camp $260.00 per student